Approach Moo Board

Moo Approach


For the Moo brief, I have general ideas about what I would like to contribute to my design. These ideas reflect the brief and ethos of Moo. I really want to include an element of playfulness, this is why I have included work such as Stefan Sagmeister’s Happy Show in which includes fun and humorous design. The Happy Show is illustration and typographically based, including aspects of information graphics and interaction. I also included Jessica Walsh’s Play Hard image in which ¬†she has playfully painted onto someone face. I like that this is a bit different and that it uses material and applies it to a physical media. As well as this, I have been looking at physical example of optical design- design that plays with perception. I think this would be a fun, playful and innovation approach to portray Moo’s slogan “Design Works Wonders”.