Live Brief | You Can Now

Rather than creating a brief themselves, my course tutors have decided for our year to take part in the YCN (You Can Now) awards. This is a live assignment, and each individual can choose from a selection of broad and varied company briefs to work from, such as : GAP, Santander, J20, ITV2 and SyFi U.k. The deadline for entries for both the YCN Student Awards for Europe and the YCN Student Awards for North America is the 19th of March 2015.


Established in 2001, YCN is an organisation setting out to stimulate, elevate and facilitate effective creativity. Our Members are people and organisations around the world — united in the value they place on creativity. The student awards allow young creatives to contribute to an influential company and help spread their name within the industry. With a broad selection of briefs, there should be wonderfully varied and diverse submissions of work from students.

Collectively they present an array of modern, stimulating and highly creatively challenging briefs — from re-inventing in-store signage, to encouraging fathers to read more frequently to their children; from visually re-imagining Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, to keeping teens playing cricket.

This is quite exciting because I have never participated in a live brief before. Importantly, it still goes towards our course grade therefore our work if firstly submitted to the university, and if you want to apply for the YCN, then you can do. At this stage, because of how many briefs are on offer, it was quite overwhelming.

However certain briefs appealed to me more than others.


Fedrigoni is a fine quality Italian printing company. Their brief was to promote the new Sirio Ultra Black paper. Fedrigoni are looking for something creative but to still maintain awareness and advertise their new paper and therefore the company themselves. As it is a paper company, I would feel obliged to create something creative out of paper- preferably black. Therefore I have asked for a sample copy in case I decide to take part. However, I am not sure if I want to be restricted in doing this.


Moo is a print company that specialize in business cards and personal promotion. Interestingly, Moo are very creatively driven and don’t just think of themselves and printers, but designers themselves. They create many templates in which users can choose from and also try to provide as much advice for promoting yourself and improving your business- which is quite refreshing. The Moo brief asks to visually portray their new slogan “Design works Wonders”.

The Moo ethos is: Playful, Open, Encouraging, Social and Helpful. Therefore I would want my work to reflect this. It would need to be visually appealing, intriguing and promote Moo successfully. As they are creatively driven, I quite like the idea of making something- like Fedrigioni, but not restricted myself to paper and then photographing or filming it. However as the brief is so broad my ideas may quickly change and adapt.


Propercorn are a young and growing company located in the U.K. Their vibe is: Fresh, Creative and Young. Their brief wishes to bring to life their ethos “Done Properly”. In doing so they want to advertise and promote their company, but more than advertising, it is about how Propercorn can connect with concept and people. The target audience are young professionals, however, their most popular customers tend to be women. They provide examples such as a campaign piece and physical engagement. For a brief like this, you need to think out of the box. However, it is quite difficult because it is so open for interpretation. I can envision this working well with motion designers and animators, therefore I know I would struggle.

Save the Children

Save the Children are a well known organisation that create events and campaigns to help benefit children. Their current campaign: Read On, Get On, wishes to promote reading to children and implies the importance ready has on a child’s education. According to their research, dads are most likely to not read to their child, therefore the brief wishes to inspire and motivate dads to do so. The campaign is well researched and has many routes that you could go down. They emphasis how 10 minutes reading a day can improve a child’s education and overall lifestyle as not being able to read can lead to poverty. Strangely the campaign describes itself as: fun, personable, enthusiastic and outgoing; however their previous work has come across rather serious.

When reading the brief, I had lots of ideas going through my head such as typographic installations, or story illustrations. I envisioned a father and child going into different worlds of books such as Harry Potter and visualizing it through sharp, enthusiastic and engaging illustrations. However, when designing, I must keep within the guidelines of Read On, Get On, and unfortunately I think I would struggle with this. Their logo and design work is very different as to how I work, and I can’t see the two complimenting.

Topdeck Travel 

Topdeck Travel are a tour bus operator. They describe themselves as: flexible, irreverent, cultural and energetic. Their brief wishes to promote Topdeck travel and appeal to U.K customers as they are currently more popular in Australia and America. They hope that the outcome of the brief will replace or be an addition to their norm of brochures. The target audience would be savvy customers who like to travel- this usually means, sophisticated, cultural and somebody who wants to enjoy life, relax and be at ease.

This brief appealed to me, due to my love of travelling and the attractive logo. However, unfortunately, I would’t know how to tackle the brief, because all I would want to do is use my travel photography and do a nice printed project- however this would be too similar to their brochures. As well as this, I think it would really compliment motion design and animators so that they could make a video advertisement to inspire customers to travel.


These briefs I found to be interesting, and I think that I could easily apply myself to all of them. However, as it is a competition, and I will be graded from University, I want to choose the brief that I think will compliment me as a designer and show off my best assets. From this, the brief would be Moo. I love their ethos of playfulness, helpfulness and creativity. I would hope to design something that will make people smile but also bring about a useful message. As the brief is rather open, I only have basic ideas and would need to heavily research and experiment to progress and develop into making something worthy of YCN.