Rob Lycett Seminar | Contextual Record

Today’s seminar with Rob focussed on our contextual record and blog. This was quite useful as we haven’t really had much guidance on it previously. Firstly, Rob asked us what we thought our the contextual record was. Words were listed and mapped such as:

  • Blog
  • Archive
  • Design
  • Personal Development
  • Research
  • Interesting
  • Reflection
  • Collection of anything
  • Indexical

We then read through the brief together and focussed on the key words, such as “equivalent”. This word was important because it stated that our contextual blog was equivalent to 5000. This meant that it wasn’t necessary to include 5000 words, but gives you a gage on the amount to aim for. Ideally we should try and hit 300 words of blog posting a week. This is something I need to try improve on and blog things that I find interesting more often.

For next seminar, Rob wants us to bring a piece of text which we can annotate either written, verbally, or visually. I think I will bring the “Let there be Peace” text which we currently have posted onto the side of the Creative Arts Building. Another suggestion was to visit a website called Graphic Design &. This is a useful website which is good for research as it includes descriptions and overviews of existing work.

Overall, I found the lecture interesting, enjoyable and look forward to next week.