CMYK | Booklet Cover


For the cover of my campaign booklet, I have decided to use the shown design. I had originally envisioned the logo to take up the entire page cover, however from doing my variations I realised that it was not necessary, and with such a unique and dynamic design it does not to be in your face. Therefore I had kept the logo at a reasonable size where it can still easily be seen and recognisable, but not taking up too much space.

With the type, I originally had thought it would be placed either below the visual logo, or on top- like the heading of a book. However, when doing this in my variation, it looked underwhelming. I feel as though the obvious places for the text are on the top and bottom like many existing companies have already done. Therefore, I experimented with it vertically. This created a square form in the centre of the page. By doing this, it looks easy on the eye, especially with the good use of white space surrounding.

I then decided to finish the cover off by adding the meaning of CMYK. However I have only put it in small print. I hope that the logo will appeal viewers and intrigue them to look inside. My next intention is to start creating the booklet for CMYK. The booklet will be mainly visual- the purpose is to create awareness by attracting and intriguing viewers in order to make CMYK recognisable.