CMYK | Type Experimentation

Originally, I was going to incorporate black text below the logo reading “CMYK”; however, I did not want to limit myself to the illustration of the three figures and decided to experiment with type by using the same colour overlapping technique. To do this, I created different coloured versions of the text: Cyan, Magenta and Yellow. I then began to overlap them to create new shades of colour.

Type Variation

The first variation was an obvious overlap in which you can see all three versions of text at the same time. Although I thought it created an interesting and appealing visual, the text was not easy to read and it would not work alongside the visual logo. Therefore, I began moving the colours closer together from various angles. It resulted in a close and subtle overlap in which I really liked. With a closer overlap, more of the darker tone colour comes through, making it easily readable but still manageable to see the identify the colours.

The final variation developed from the previous in which I wanted to text to reflect on the visual logo by all being the same height and overlap horizontally. This is my preferred variation; I like how it plays with your eyes and almost glitches, reminding me of an old television.