CMYK | Logo Development

From my sketches, I was certain to pursue the logo design including the headless figures. I feel that this bold and slightly disturbing visual will reflect well on the influence of celebrity culture. Using my photography from the provocative pop photo-shoot, the dolls helped me outline a general pose for the figures, but to make it realistic, I gathered images off the internet of male and female mannequins.

I began by outlining the figures on illustrator, it was important that they were smooth and not too realistic so that it would flow and be easy on the eye. I chose to do only three figures because I had envisioned using the colours: Cyan, Magenta and Yellow to represent the name of the campaign- CMYK.


With the outlines finished to a good standard, I filled them with colour to create the silhouettes, which I was pleased with, therefore then began to experiment with colour. I intended on using the colours in the order of their properties, therefore Cyan first, Magenta and Yellow, so it was important that I firstly decided on the positioning of the figures.


To fully show the capability of CMYK, I decided to overlap the figures so that it would show a blend of the colours used, therefore creating a new colour. This made quite an interesting and dynamic appearance. As CMYK is aimed for a younger audience, it was important to bare this in mind when designing. I feel the use of colour will help achieve this.