CMYK | Brand Identity

Brand identity

For the brand identity of CMYK (Celebrity Mass of Youth Knowledge), I have created two logos- visual, and typographic. These logos can be used together, however depending on what it is being formatted on, it may be overwhelming. I am glad that I experimented with type because having the illustration act as the logo itself would have limited me.

Due to the height of the visual logo, it would struggle to be used in a variety of formats. For example, if CMYK were to have a Facebook page, it would be limited to a square canvas and therefore would have to reduce the logo in size where it cannot be fully effective. In addition to this, the typographic element is the only use of the name, so that the reader knows that they are viewing. The visual element would be appropriate once the brand is recognisable so people can associate it with CMYK.

By doing this, it allows the logos to be used more flexibly. It was important that with the visual logo, it is still recognisable with CMYK and associated through its used of overlapped colours. I am rather happy with the result of the CMYK brand identity. I feel as though the visual logo portrays association with celebrity culture due to the unidentified figures, and the typographic logo works well in association with popular culture.