Huddersfield Rebrand | 1920’s/1930’s Nostalgia


When researching in the library, I discovered a scrap book of nostalgia, memorabilia and ephemeral papers that represent the 1920’s/1920’s era. Within the book, includes no photographs of the era and minimal information. Instead the full page imagery which appears to be scans show print, products and publications providing an insight to the era. For many people in the late 20’s and early 30’s life was difficult but the pace of change was rapid bringing a better standard of living and numerous products helped the daily routine. By the end on the 1930’s, television had exciting promise for the future, but a growing tension focussed on impending war.

1920's/1930's Nostalgia
This accidental find was useful and interesting, however I feel as though it is particularly relevant to Café Society as they have nostalgic material throughout their store such as vinyl records and tins similar to the scrap book imagery. I also this book to support my earlier 1920’s/1930’s research, in particular focussing on the women. Above shows numerous examples of how they were portrayed in that era. I think it in using this material it helps to create a 1920’s/1930’s vibe especially with the background jazz music. When creating material for the rebrand, e.g. packaging products or publications- it may be useful to use this imagery.