Cafe Society | Type Experimentation

Type 2

To digitally attempt the logo designs, I needed an idea of the typefaces to use. From researching I discovered the fonts: Bebas Neue- also the font used in this research document, Lighthouse, and DK Otago. I included Bebas Neue because it is quite a minimal yet striking typeface that I could manipulate to be fitting for an art deco theme. I wanted to include italic, handwritten and calligraphic style typeface as in 1920’s/1930’s publication and print it was very popular. Lastly I chose DK Otago because it is art deco inspired but not obvious, and a minimal easy on the eye font.


Rather than relying on existing typefaces, I wanted to also try my own. From the logo designs that I sketched and scanned in, I used by written type as a guide to create a digital type. Starting with the basic shape, I then developed it, creating three version of the same type face. When doing this I was really trying to tap into the art deco style and was influenced by existing type such as the Vogue letterhead. I liked how the type was calligraphic, shifting in thickness and hoped to achieve something similar. However, I found myself a little disappointed with the finished version as I got a oriental vibe rather than 1920’s/1930’s art deco.