Huddersfield Rebrand | Logo Designs


With an approach established, I needed to consider how I wanted the design of my logo and brand identity to be. Therefore began by sketching logos.

These were based on themes from my research exploring typical café imagery such as coffee cups and glasses as well as the 1920/30 era and Cubism. It was also important that I experimented with the equality symbol as it helps support my concept of society from the 1920/30’s in comparison to 2014’s and helps provide the brand with more depth and humanity. Doing this has helped me establish which approach to take. Rather than over complicating the logo with too much imagery I want to keep it minimal create the imagery separately.

I intend on taking four designs digital and from that developing my final design. If you have a favourite design or suggestion, please feel free to comment!

Thanks for reading!

Logo idea 3 Refined