Huddersfield Rebrand | Approach

From researching into the market for Café Society, as well as themes related, individually we decided on an approach to take for this project. Interestingly we all used and shared research; yet seem to have different ideas for an outcome and I think the final rebrand of our group will show a range of ideas and skills based around the Art Deco movement. To decide on my approach, I began creating mood boards of the following categories: Imagery, Typography, Concept and Colours. Imagery wise I definitely want to portray art deco themes, however to include cubist influence as I found this particularly interesting and it was very influential within the 1920’s/30’s era.


With typography, I am interesting in something that is minimal and easily functional but has an art deco foundation. I also like the way in which type letters can connect and made to look decorative like from Art Nouveau. Gathering research into art deco, I established that I liked the use of colours: Black, Gold and Turquoise. Gold especially works well with art deco as it is often associated with luxury.

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Conceptually, I want to include my 1920’s/30’s research of women and African Americans.This is because I want to focus of the society aspect of the cafe and compare the 1920/30 era to 2014 as it  made huge progress to equality.  I feel as though this concept compliments the family business due to their suspended coffee scheme as well as their gluten free and alegen aware menu.