Securing a Placement | Workshop

This morning’s workshop session focused on Work Placements. In groups, we were to analyse information provided on Unilearn. These useful resources are listed below in the interactive hyperlinks.

How to Create a Perfect Portfolio

Sagmeister & Walsh Question and Answer

50 Things a Designer should do

Placement Advise

As a group we were to determine the key aspects of searching and securing a placement. This was done by creating a presentation that professionally communicates our findings. It was important that when doing this, we focused on:

  1. Identifying how to find companies interested in taking work placements.
  2. Considering best ways to contact companies.
  3. Putting together a portfolio
  4. Presenting your portfolio
  5. Obtaining useful feedback
  6. Following up your first contact

To view our finished presentation, please click Securing a Placement.