CMYK Logo Designs

My chosen name for the campaign is “Celebrity Mass over Youth Knowledge” or “CMYK” for short. It was important that I chose a representation for CMYK which reflects on the message of the campaign. With the name chosen, it was now a case of designing the logo. When sketching, I knew that I wanted to include the colours: cyan, magenta, yellow and key (black) within the logo, to compliment my multi-coloured print process along with the name itself.

I knew that I wanted the name of the campaign to be situated on the front of the booklet but wasn’t sure if it should be included within the logo, or act as the logo itself. Therefore I experimented with type as well as imagery. I also really liked the idea of the CMYK colours overlapping; creating new shades of colour- therefore tried this with a couple of sketches. I only experimented in this style with two designs because it wasn’t a set decision. In addition to this the overlapped colour style could probably be applied to most of the designs.

My favourite design sketches are: the top middle, bottom left and bottom middle. I feel that these have more character and would work best on the cover of the booklet. For the cover, I hope to include a disturbing element therefore like the idea of the headless coloured silhouettes representing celebrities. This could also use the overlapped colour effect.

I intend on taking at least four of the designs digital- creating them on illustrator. In this process I often change my mind. There have been times when my favourite sketch looks underwhelming when taken digital and resulted in using another design.

If you have any suggestions, I am welcome to hear them.

Thanks for reading!

Logo idea 3 Refined