Darren’s Seminar | Essay Advice

This mornings seminar provided essay advice for our Abstract which we need to write before breaking up for Christmas. The Abstract should be a 500 word sample of your essay, usually about 3 pages of double spaced text.

When thinking about the essay topic, Darren suggested to use the method:







This works particularly well when you have possible ideas or approaches to take but aren’t sure how to refine it. Darren also mentioned the class process of P.E.E (Point, Example, Explain) works rather well to create an argument.

We were then set a task of working in small groups and discussing our theme ideas for the essay. I am interested in Cubism that has been featured in out lectures. Lecturer Anna Powell showed us a piece of art in which nobody could recognise the artist, and showed another example by the same artist. The painting was very recognisable and a perfect example of cubism- the artist, Pablo Picasso.  It was interesting how nobody could recognise Picasso’s early work before he explored cubism.

Darren pointed out that it is worth writing about a topic that you will find useful. What would Cubism gain me? I’m not sure if it is enough to be interested in it. When choosing a topic, it is also worth considering how assessable it is in terms of referencing and originality.

5 Section Essay Structure

This structure can be applied with any level of essay writing.

  1. Introduction (state topic argument)
  2. Narration (strongest/most significant argument-example)
  3. Confirmation (weaker but supportive argument-example)
  4. Refutation (contrasting or conflicting argument)
  5. Conclusion (brief statement, overall summary, outcome and further questions)