Cubism Contemporary Influence

“Juste De L’eau” (Just water) – directed by Carlos De Carvalho, is a 2014 animation highly influenced by the Cubism movement. The animation takes the viewer on a journey through Lisbon, Portugal at the time of the Great Maritime discoveries. The film centres on a lonely young pig in deep distress and the story evolves through his feelings and dreams. He wanders the city with a goose attached to his back- this symbolises his thoughts: it embodies his desire to break free from the life of limits and the wings of his back give the main character the appearance of a weird angel.

The cubist influence generates from the cities appearance- the geometric shapes and earthy colours. As well as this, the animation plays with perception of reality and is multidimensional with different perspectives- like Cubism, to create a surreal setting. Amongst Cubism, the animation was also inspired by Japanese Art, in particular: Woodblock prints, Noh and Kabuki Theatre and Butoh dance. The director mentions no influence of Surrealism, yet it reminds me of the movement. This is due to the exploration of dreams, in addition to the dream-like surreal setting in which the director has built his own universe.

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