HeForShe Campaign


He For She was founded this year 2014 and targets gender equality. Gender equality is not only a woman’s issue, but a human’s issue. The solidarity movement brings together one half of humanity in support of the other half of humanity, for the benefit of all. The He For She logo represents this solidarity movement by joining together aspects of both the female and male symbols. This union symbolises women and men working together to make gender equality a reality. It does not favour the female symbol, but blends together, creating a new symbol for humanity.

The identity communicates with shared masculine and feminine sensibilities. The typography is bold, yet thoughtful, whilst the colours are powerful, warm and energetic. Although the branding is striking and attractive, I like the concept and symbols used to represent gender equality. I intend on creating my own branded campaign focussing on celebrity influence on the youth of society and thought that the He For She campaign is a perfect example of something that is current, and conceptual.

For my final piece, I want to create a campaign booklet exploring the celebrity influence but also use the booklet to showcase my work. When creating the booklet, I want it to use the same multicolour print process which I had experimented with when exploring Pop Art. With the He For She campaign, I was instantly drawn to the contrast of colours, alternating between black, pink and white. I think the branding of the campaign has been designed beautifully- I love the minimal and easy on the eye appearance, as well the logo manipulation used in different Medias which creates a clean and consistent brand identity.