E4 Sting Workshop| Part Three

Today’s workshop carried on from our previous E4 Sting session with tutor Jay. In the previous session, Jay had taught up how to create a scene on Cinema 4D, as well as the basic functions. Using his provided material, we created a basic image testing how the 3D elements. This session was focused on personalising our poster image by using our individual designs which we made in the in our own time after the first tutorial.

Rather than having the Cinema 4D workshop after one another, we alternated between others. Therefore when going back to Cinema 4D today, it took me a while to get used to it as the previous session was a few weeks ago. Although I successfully met the E4 Sting Brief, I am not very happy with my outcome. This is because I struggled in creating my own design as it was rather complicated and my knowledge of the Cinema 4D software is very basic.

In my own time I will do some Cinema 4D tutorials online to familarise myself with the tools so that at a later date I can come back to this and do a better job.

Thanks for reading!

Logo idea 3 Refined