Campaign Name Mind Map

Campaign name Mindmap

To create a Campaign brand, I firstly had to think about what I wanted it to be called. Therefore, I created a mind map of ideas and possible names that explore the main themes of my project: Celebrities, Controversy, Humour and Pop Art. As the matter of the campaign is serious, I didn’t think a humorous name was necessary. The humour aspect so far has linked well with the controversial experimentation as well as the Celebrity influence, such as my provocative pop photo-shoot.

It was important that I came up with a name that was short and punchy, rather than long and dull. This proved quite difficult as I wanted the name to represent the purpose of the campaign- celebrity influence on youth, but do so in a subtle, creative and playful way. At this stage I knew that I wanted to include an element of controversy to the cover of my booklet, therefore thought of names that could compliment that, but as I hadn’t decided on anything it didn’t lead to a decent name.

After generating ideas and possible names, it occurred to me that I could perhaps use abbreviations. This suited my need of the name being short and punchy, but also, able to represent the purpose of the campaign. This refined my options down to “POP” or “CMYK”. I thought of many meanings for Pop as the letters were easier to work with, however I struggled to think of what CMYK could stand for other. Nevertheless I favoured CMYK out of the two as it represents my pop inspired print experimentation: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key.