Cafe Society | Mind-mapping Ideas

Cafe Society Mind map

Today, the team met up and sat down to create a mind-map of possible ideas and approaches linked to Cafe Society- our chosen business for rebranding. By doing this, it helped us decide what research needs to be done by the end of the week so that next week we will be confident enough to work individually.

Firstly it is important that we research into Art Deco. This is because when asking the owners of Cafe Society, they said they would have loved it to portray an art deco theme, however they simply could not afford it. Yet, you can still see elements of art deco coming through in the cafe.

In researching this, I feel that it would also be beneficial to research Art Nouveau- as this was within the same movement, as well as Japanism woodblock prints. We learnt in a lecture at University that Japanese woodblock influenced Art Nouveau imagery. This research can be branched off and focused on specific elements such as typography and help establish certain characteristics that Art deco or Nouveau type might have.

After researching this movement, it would be beneficial to show an example of how the style has been applied to contemporary design. For example, some people have said the the Starbucks logo portrays elements of Art Nouveau.

When talking to the owners of the Cafe, they said that they were really inspired by the culture of the 1920’s/30 therefore we can do some basic research into this. In addition, the owners enjoyed the Jazz music of this era as they had grown up with it, therefore it may be useful to research into Jazz such as the famous iconic figures, existing artwork and lyrical typography. Again, I think it would be useful to show an example of a contemporary design influenced by Jazz.

Art Nouveau and Art Deco were short but effective movements in the 20’s/30’s. Around the same time, Cubism was becoming very popular. Although the owners of Cafe Society didn’t mention Cubism, I think it would be beneficial to research and include within the project as it was a highly influential movement within the 20’s and 30’s which is the era that the Cafe Society owners are interested in.

As a group, we hope that exploring these different movements and themes will help define our approach for the rebrand so that next week we will be able to pitch a basic presentation of our intentions. After researching we will come together to discuss our approaches before separating and working individually. We think it is important to still meet up and discuss work after separating so that we can support each other till the end of the project.