Branding Blueprint | Cafe Society

Branding Journey

What do Customers like about Cafe Society?

  • Personality and Character
  • Interesting Artwork
  • Gluten Free Availability
  • Relaxing Jazz music atmosphere
  • Reasonable price
  • Friendly and personable
  • Locally sourced goods
  • Suspended coffee scheme
  • Spacious and comfortable

This information was sourced from trip advisor.

Who are the Audience? 

Cafe Society currently attracts students, but primarily an older generation. The cafe ideally wants to appeal more students however, not forget the older audience as they are existing loyal customers and potential customers.

Where do they live and work? 

The audience will most likely live and work locally in the Huddersfield area.

How much do they earn?

The majority rely on funding to pay for daily activities, but are comfortable paying money as places such as Cafe Society- in particular for lunch. Therefore the pricing needs to be reasonable at a low/middle range to attract the ideal audience.

Where do they shop/hang out and network?

Students mainly network online, regularly viewing promotional material via social media such as Facebook or Twitter. Through this they are likely to use their smartphones to download music or supplement spending by using coupons or vouchers. They tend to be interested in sports, films, and going out. Visiting high street stores such as New Look, Topshop, Topman, River Island and H&M. These are usually done socially.

Who are the competitors? 

  1. Coffeevolution
  2. Queenies Coffee shop
  3. Choosy’s Tea and Coffee House
  4. The Blue Room

Mentioned on their websites:

  1. Reassuringly fair trade and refreshingly independent.
  2. Specialists/independent/traditional
  3. Local and award winning
  4. Full of character

What makes Cafe Society different to its competitors? 

  • Gluten Free menu
  • Explore allergen issues to suit everyones needs
  • Free for Award winners
  • Jazz music
  • 1920’s/30’s Art deco influence
  • Suspended Coffee scheme

What can Cafe Society learn from its competitors? 

  • The aesthetics of The Blue Room’s decor that can transform a cafe to a bar at night.
  • Advertising free Wi-Fi which may attract students
  • Website design that shows clear purpose
  • Multifunctional Cafe- i.e. Bar, Shop
  • Show off awards- create reputation
  • Easily identifiable logo

By following this Branding blueprint, it will hopefully help me create an approach when rebranding Cafe Society.