Making Yourself Known in the Marketplace

Making Yourself Known in the Marketplace- Final ChapterPortfolio Guide book


Networking Pays Off 

A face to face meeting with a potential employer is a first step towards making yourself known in the creative marketplace; even if they don’t have a suitable job or commission, they may recommend you to someone who has- and you will have started to make connections in the industry.

Contacting a Future Employer

Sending a letter is the best way to make a speculative approach to a company or individual. Designers should include a CV that expands on the information in their letter, while illustrators should send representative samples of their work.

Promotional Material

Promotional samples can be used to introduce your work or remind contacts of it after a presentation. Be selective: a single piece of all purpose material and one or two well presented samples of your work will have more effect than the entire contents of your portfolio.

Presentation Pointers 

Speculative presentations are usually informal, so wear clothes that are smart, comfortable- and add to your self confidence. A meeting with a client in the financial sector, for example, would require you to dress more formally.

Presenting your Portfolio

Make sure you arrive at presentations on time, make an eye contact with your interviewer/s and show you are familiar with their work. Be prepared for any requests the interviewer may make or problems that may arise- for example, take your mobile phone in case you are delayed.

Post-presentation Reminders

It is important to keep your work uppermost in the minds of creative employers. Reminders include sending a thank you note after a presentation, an easily accessible personal website, advertising in source books and follow up visits.

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