Huddersfield Rebrand | Creating Mood Boards

In preparation for Tuesday’s session, groups were instructed to create three visual mood boards based on our chosen subject- Cafe, Huddersfield, and our target audience. Our group arranged to meet today, bringing 10 images for each topic so that we could then print them out and create a collage style mood board. As well as this, Sophie brought materials, colour swatches and textures to help portray our subject. The mood boards are a way to visually show our ideas linked to those categories and gives you an idea of how they could be linked together to represent your chosen subject.

Our team worked rather well together- sharing the cutting and sticking, and each having opinions on how the mood boards show look. Although this is a small aspect of the project, we wanted the mood boards to look creative and well thought so that when presenting our ideas on Tuesday they will help support our ideas and chosen subject.