Friday Seminar | Creative Thinking

Edward De Bono- Expert on Creative Thinking 

This lecture focussed on Creative thinking and how others think in comparison. Edward De bono has some interesting theories in design such as “thinking out of the box”- it is an attempt to think creatively and different.

Many practising designers will have noticed people outside the field don’t really understand what design is and what your role is as a designer- even though design is technically all around you. In my family, I have always been the creative one, my parents always wondered where I had got it from. But skills in art and design is not genetically passed down, it is something that you either have, or don’t.

Creatives are not only practising artists or designers, but people who think differently. Some might say we are weird; television and films often portray us that way, but…so what if we are? It is a blessing to be different- to think creatively and use the world as your canvas.

Thanks for reading!

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