Lunch at Cafe Society

For our Huddersfield Rebrand project, our group thought it would be a good idea to visit Cafe Society, as this is our chosen business. By doing this it helped us getting a feel for the business, as well as having a tasty lunch!

When we arrived at the cafe, you could tell that they had a theme of 1940’s art deco and had been highly influenced by Jazz as there were paintings and record players on show. You can see the attempt at the jazz theme however it was very mixed and inconsistent. Whilst having out lunch, the cafe played soft Jazz music. This type of music normally creates a lovely ambiance with dimmed lighting, however it felt as though it was lacking due to design inside.

From visiting the Cafe today there is no doubt that it is of good standard. The food was nice, which is why I think customers go as the shop isn’t very noticeable. I love the jazz and art deco theme throughout the cafe, however I feel as though it is too random and inconsistent. I feel as though the cafe would benefit from a rebrand, creating a strong jazz and art deco influenced design that would attract customers inside and help create a modern jazz ambiance.