Getting to know the Market

For our rebranding project, we have already began to do our own research and share everything via twitter or pinterest. Recently, we have been focusing on the Market for Cafe’s and Coffee shops. By doing this it will hopefully help us decide on what we want to individually target in the development process.

Mintel is a very useful website for Market research. Sophie began by researching a review on “Eating Out” for U.K June 2014.

Reasons for Eating Out


Although the report is not specifically targeted at Cafe’s, it helps give a general idea by providing this information. This survey targets on restaurants and fast food outlets, but I think that if it was Cafe’s that business purposes would be higher. I often see business meetings in little cafe’s or bars, I think it is common in the U.K but more so in the U.S.A. As special occasions and celebrations is so high, perhaps this could influence our outcome and promotional material. For example, a birthday boy bib for a baby branded with the Cafe. The target audience can open more possibilities.

Joe also did some market research into Coffee shops. Although our subject isn’t strictly a coffee shop it is rather similar. The research Joe provided was rather interesting. It outlined some of the target markets.

Market Outline 2014 U


The only disadvantage to this is that it was based on U.S.A, therefore the data would not be the same. However it is still useful as it gives a gage on the market that would use a Cafe in the U.K.

I agree that students and faculty would use coffee shops a lot, but what I think is missing because it is based on America is the Elderly. Back in my home town Blackpool there is a cafe around every corner, and every single one will sell Fish and Chips. The main customers tend to be elderly and families. Now I don’t know that is that because it is Blackpool, it will definitely have some influence, but is worth knowing.

Lastly, I did a bit of my own market research. Again this focused on Coffee Shops, however based on the U.K public. Unfortunately, I could not find a 2014 version, therefore have a 2013 report. Nevertheless, I’m sure the information is somewhat similar and will provide good use to look back on from time to time. The report can be found here.