After Effects | Rotascope Tutorial

Today with Sara we had an After Effects tutorial on rotascoping. This is a method of cutting out foreground material for the video. For the tutorial we were instructed to bring a video of basic movement that can be animated. I chose a skateboarding video, above you will see my brilliant animation.

Sara begin the session by saying how important Vimeo is, especially as a motion designer. She then provided us with an animation example on Vimeo created by previous student Steffen K.

The animation was pretty cool, it had lots of different visual effects, but looked consistent due to the colour scheme and motion design. We were then showed another good example of motion design by James O’Dell . His animation was  created for the Franz Ferdinand music video “Right Action” and very relevant to what we were going to be doing in the tutorial.

We then began the tutorial by importing our chosen video onto After Effects. Using the pen tool we outlined our subject and by animating the mask layer and changing position every 2 keyframes it creates a basic Rotascope. By copying and pasting the keyframes I created a general loop. Lastly I added coloured solid objects for the background and combined it with my rotascope subject.

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In three weeks time we will be doing the next After Effects tutorial. For this we have to bring three versions of the same basic drawing which can be animated along with text. for inspiration, Sara showed us the video “I met the Walrus” by James Braithway.