Huddersfield Rebrand | Response

Not long after the briefing, our group of 5 was formed; myself, Sophie, Joe, Jo, and Kieran. I think it was important in a group to find individuals with different strengths and weakness so that you can compliment and support one another. Fortunately, I feel as though we have this.

We began by sharing ideas and discussing what companies/businesses we are interested in. It was important that we choose a business that is in need of a rebrand, and preferably something that we can all agree on. In addition to this, we had to avoid big chain companies and brands such as McDonald’s, Tesco etc and focus solely on small independent businesses within Huddersfield.

We spoke of businesses such as: A1 Stationary and Huddersfield Art Gallery because although related to our course they had a weak branding identity. It was important to think of a subject that is not too limited as to what you can do- something that provides research and experimentation. Doing this would benefit us in the long run as we would likely have strong but different outcomes.

After brainstorming we went into the town center to walk around and weigh out our options for businesses and companies. Focusing on this, it was interesting that our team often agreed on the same shops in which Sophie photographed; there was surprisingly quite a lot in which could be rebranded.

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Once we felt as though we had enough photographed subjects, we went back to the studio to sit down and discuss our preferred choice. To do this we went through the photos together and quickly said whether or not the business had good potential to be rebranded. After this, we each wrote down our top three choices and from the result it was clear that we had our chosen business; Cafe Society.

Options Sheet

We chose this business because the interior of the Cafe was to a good standard and showed the high influence of Jazz, however the brand itself didn’t reflect this. On previous occasions I have walked past and never seen Cafe Society as it does not stand out. I feel as though this business would benefit from a rebrand and with the jazz influence could be rather interesting in regards to research and development.

Tomorrow we plan on having lunch at the Cafe to get a feel for the place and hopefully meet some of the staff. Depending on its busyness we may approach them with our idea. In our own time, we have decided to individually gather images focusing on: associations of Huddersfield, visual styles and imagery of company and the target audience. On Thursday we intend to meet up with our images to create a large moodboard, followed my a mind map of our ideas.

Below is our group pinterest board showing our initial ideas and inspiration.

Thanks for reading!

Logo idea 3 Refined