Personal Branding Project | Final Logo

Logo idea 3 Refined

After creating my digital variations, I managed to narrow my selection down to three. I chose the logos which I felt had most potential.

Logo idea 3 variation 3

Although I think that the 3D style logo looks good, I would prefer not to use a gradient. This is because I don’t often use gradients within my work, and even though this particular one looks good, I would rather my logo look just 2D.

Logo idea 4 varitation 1

The second logo I really like. I think the dynamics of the letters work well together and I like the simplicity of the shapes; however I don’t think it represents me well as a designer. I look at this logo and instantly feel as thought it would be for a music magazine.

Logo 5 variation 3

The last logo I created by accident, but once I did so, I liked its bold appearance and how the letters were connected. However, I felt as though this logo lacked something.

I refined the 3rd logo out of my variations combining aspects of the two other logos which I liked. I had hesitations about each logo, therefore combined what I liked about my favourite three.

The entire process was rather longwinded, however I am very happy with the result. I like the simplicity of my logo, the abstract and dynamic shapes that form my initials. I feel as though it represents the type of designer that I am, including the process in which I made it.