Personal Branding Project | Digital Variations

Using my original sketched designs, I took my top 5 favourite logos digital and illustrated them. When doing each design, I thought of new ways and dynamics to experiment with and therefore set myself a target to do three variations for each one.

Logo Design 1 Variation


Logo Design 2 Variation

Logo Design 3 Variation


Logo Design 4 Variation

Logo Design 5 Variation

From sketching the logos, there was one in which I preferred more than the rest. However, when taking it digital I was left with disappointment, and began to prefer other designs which I had previously dismissed. This has made me question myself to the point where I am simply not sure which I prefer now. It is important that I choose a design that I feels best reflects me, a design that people like, but most importantly, a design that I like.

Feel free to comment with your favourite. When I have chosen a design, I will most likely refine it to create my final personal branded logo.