Matt Whitewood | Man Vs Machine

Today I attended a guest lecture at University featuring the Design and Motion company Man Vs Machine. The company’s representative was previous Huddersfield graduate- Matt Whitewood.

“Matt Whitewood is a designer and motion graphics artist. Passionately involved in film, advertising and moving-image, experience with a multitude of disciplines and a love from experimenting with visuals. Previously studying multimedia design as The University of Huddersfield and spending 1 year living in Amsterdam while working at the creative digital agency Superheroes as a motions graphics sidekick”.

Before working for Man Vs Machine, Matt worked for the design company The Mill, which was very focused on animation and film. However, Matt emphasised that the projects he have been involved in are vastly collaborative. Each member within the team has a part to play in order to create the finished piece. Matt often worked as the 2D and 3d Director as he is very strong working with Cinema 4D, however he is also fairly competent with After Effects, therefore he likes to contribute to a project from start to finish. A great example of the collaborative work created at the Mill is the “Tine Milk Olympic Film”.

Well…What is Man Vs Machine? 

Man Vs Machine is an small independent design and motion studio based in London. Since 2007, it has grown into a mutli award winning, multi national team of creative specialists directing and producing globally acclaimed commercials, branding, animation and film.

Whilst Matt was introducing us to Man Vs Machine, he showed us a collection of work they have achieved. Again, they work very collaboratively and commercially, creating design and motion for companies such as Nike and Channel 4- branching into Film 4 and well as 4seven. One example in particular that I liked was the “D&AD Yellow Pencil” title sequence.

I found this lecture very interesting. The projects that Matt has been involved with is impressive, and I thoroughly enjoyed watching the film sequences. Although I enjoy and appreciation animation and motion design, I don’t feel as thought it is really for me. Collaboratively I would love to have input on a motion design project, however I work best in still design.

Matt repeatedly empahsised the importance of using software tutorials such as Cinema 4D and After Effects in order to better your skills and make you stand out above the rest. I completely agree with this; from experience I have gained new skills and techniques from doing tutorials, and I think it is important to take elements of other peoples work and create your own from it. That is what design is all about, taking inspiration and using it in your own way.

From attending this lecture, it has made me realise that I want to do more work with Cinema 4D however create still rather than motion design. Tomorrow, I intend on going to a Cinema 4D tutorial hosted by Matt Whitewood himself, and afterwards will blog my progress.

Thanks for reading