Neubau Berlin | Five Years In the Forest

Yesterday I attended a guest lecture at University. The Berlin Design studio Neubau came in and spoke to us about their most recent work “Five Years In the Forest”.

Neubau Berlin was founded by Stefan Gandl in 2001. Since then, they have recruited two key members; Benjamin Ganz and Christoph Brunberger who were also attended the guest lecture. The studio develops work for systems in print, screen and in space. Neuabu’s work is heavily based on typography and illustration; they claim that there were is highly influenced by Letraset, which is a company that provides you will type and images to dry transfer. They have a vast amount of type work within the publications and corporate design and  their collection is made accessible through this public online archive.

The “Neuabu Forst Catalogue” is a collection of detailed silhouettes of urban trees, located in the surroundings of Berlin using a methodical structure. The letters of the design studio N-E-U-B-A-U were laid over a map of Berlin, central to their location. Using this, they then mapped out the structural anchor points of the letters which are used in the Neubau Forst Catalogue. The process of their work would begin with photography, vectorising, masking, and end with illustrating. Some trees would consist of 3000 anchor points.

Neubau Forst Catelogue statistics:

20 Designers

60 months


684 trees and modules

This was a time consuming process but ensured a highly detailed and naturalistic appearance that can be shown in different conditions and different seasons, e.g. Summer and Winter. Neubau’s process of selection and distillation gives the trees a timeless validity, and they can be used universally in future visualisations. As well as this, there are endless possibilities and combinations of ready made trees and modules to experiment with.


I first discovered Neubau Berlin last year with my University project Earth Artifact. I adore their silhouette illustrations, and at the time was particular interested in the illustrations of people as I was studying Iconography and Body Language. To have the opportunity to attend Neubau Berlin’s guest lecture was very exciting because I was unfamiliar with their most recent project and enthusiastic to find out more about them as a design firm.

Take a look for yourself here.