Connections | Sarah Horn

My colleague and friend Sarah Horn recently gave me advise in regards to applying for work placements in preparation for my year in industry. Sarah graduated two years ago and is now working as a Junior Graphic Designer for Hatched London.

        “Northerner down South

         Junior Graphic Designer / Freelancer

         Excited by anything creative, with a love of everything print based.

         Obsessed with stationery, brooches and nice books”


In regards to a portfolio, you 100% need an online version as well as a print version; if you have any extras that would also be beneficial, however include work you haven’t already featured. This might be more experimental, abstract design. Some employers will ask for a PDF of your portfolio, so your print version can be used for this.

When applying for internships, Sarah said that she often sent an into email attaching her CV and two or three examples of her work (depending on what they ask for). In doing this, you have to make sure the file size is not too big or it will simply put the employer off opening it. From doing this, hopefully the employer will reply, if not a second email may be necessary.

At this stage they are familiar with your work after seeing a few examples online or attached to the CV, therefore if you get an interview that is the time to really impress them with your print portfolio.  This however all depends on what type of agency they are, therefore, you need to make sure you’re sending good work which relates to them, so lots of research!


I found Sarah’s advice very helpful. Knowing someone who has been through the same as you is quite reassuring. I am enthusiastic to learn and take in as much knowledge as I can in order to better myself.

I intend on building my online portfolio on Behance, in doing this it will help me gather and establish the work I think best reflects on myself as a designer. However, I want to keep my collection on Behance small but strong, only showing a few projects. This will therefore allow me to include a good variety of work within my printed portfolio which I would need at interviews. Before doing all this, I need to re brand myself and create a professional identity which I can then put into a CV. I hope to complete areas within my personal development plan by the end of this week.