Pop Inspired Print

From looking at multicolour printing, it inspired me to experiment in this style. I found this challenging as it something I have never done before, but also exciting for the exact same reason. I decided to use my most recent photography of controversial events in celebrity culture. This is because I wanted to develop my photography but also because I thought it would complement the style.

As this print process prints coloured ink onto coloured pages, it was important to know the exact colour of the pages that I will be working with. Therefore I asked at the Print Bureau of University. Unfortunately they could not provide me with a CMYK or RGB; therefore resulted in browsing coloured swatches and selecting the ones closest to a match. Making a note of the colour properties, I decided to colourise the photos on Photoshop to achieve the mono-colour print. I had to ensure that the colour used for the photos would complement the coloured paper, and it was important that it was a darker tone so that it could be seen, as white comes out transparent.

With the photos edited, I structured them in an Indesign document using a saddle stitch process. The printing was unpredictable and my images occasionally came out upside down. However, after a few attempts, it worked; Doing this made me realise that I want my final piece outcome to be this same mutlicoloured pop art inspired print.