Research and Cold-calling

Chapter Three: Research and Cold-calling Portfolio Guide book


Why Research is Important

Finding out about the organizations and individuals in your chosen sector of the creative industry will enable you to target only those for whom your work is appropriate.

Research Sources

Sources of information include professional journals, sourcebooks, annuals, and mailing lists and industry directories. There are also resources such as websites, portals, and blogs, and online communities and directories that specialize in creative jobs in a variety of disciplines.

Cold Calling

Securing a face to face meeting with a potential employer or commissioner should be one of your main objectives. Once you have sent them any kind of promotional material it is essential to telephone them and ask whether you can show them your portfolio. Interpersonal skills can be significant during a presentation: a potential employer or commissioner needs to determine whether they could have a good working relationship with you, and how reliable or adaptable you are.

Speculative Applications

Be focused when you make speculative applications. Art editors/directors don’t like having their time wasted. So, make sure any samples you send to an organisation are relevant to its requirements.

Student Exhibitions and Competitions 

Competitions and student degree exhibitions can help to raise your profile so far as creative employers are concerned; and in the case of the latter, they will be researching you, rather than you them.