Pop Art Print

When researching Pop Art, I used a books, providing me with examples in art and design, hoping that it would link to my project. This is when I discovered Roy Lichtenstein. However in the book “Pop Art”, I was less interested in the content and more in the print. This is because, the pages alternated between 5 different colours, creating a rainbow on the spine.

Pop Art book

Although I have seen coloured pages in books before, I have never seen one used like this. The colours are ordered and the vibrant spreads engage with you as the viewer. Interestingly rather than printing normally on coloured paper, they have printed their images in one tone of colour to compliment the page that it is situated. In doing this, they have also ensured that the white in the image prints out transparent leaving you with just the colour on the paper. This style of printing is interesting and compliments the images with its use of colour.

The book includes little written information, other than the introduction. Each page shows an example of pop art work, and is provided with the basic information of that example, such as the artist/designer and the year that it was made. I think it is an innovative and engaging way of showcasing a collection of art and design. As well as this, it is also very appropriate and conceptual with the pop art subject.