Patrick Saville

Enduring my daily feed from website “It’s Nice That” I discovered Graphic Designer Patrick Saville. Patrick is a British Graphic Designer and illustrator known for his playful design and typographical experimentation. His design is influenced by his upbringing and interests in 70’s sci-fi, fantasy and most important comics. This is because all of his work has a narrative, however oblique it may seem.

Patrick has created covers for the internationally revered fashion magazine “Pop” as well as the independent design “Print isn’t dead”. Patricks screen-prints for a living but currently works more with pixels. He is also currently working on a dream commission for kids show Nickelodeon. I was attracted to Patrick’s design due to all the bright colours and elements of playfulness that is portrayed. I instantly thought that this could compliment my project as I have also explored these two factors. However, as I began viewing his work, I became more interesting in the typography. His type use is experimental, and visualised how I think pop art would be as a typeface. I thought his style was postmodern inspired with a fresh contemporary take.

I intend to take my previous experimentation visuals and incorporate Patrick Saville inspired typography. Patrick has previously worked with magazine design and I feel is type style could be engaging and compliment the chosen subject for my intended booklet.