Most Controversial and Provocative Events in Celebrity Culture

With my subjects chosen, it was now just a case of creating my scenes of photographing. From my previous experimentation, I knew this time I would do it properly, with the right lighting, equipment and space. Therefore I rented out a room within the Creative Arts building at University, and used it to set up my own little studio.

Using a long length paper roll with a good proportional width, I mounted it to the wall with a curve where it hit the table to create a nice, smooth backdrop showing no divide between wall and surface. To compliment my white backdrop I also rented out a couple of bright white LED lights and tripods for them to be attached to. These were positioned at both sides of the scenes. For each scene, I created the surroundings. It was important that I manipulated the surroundings more than the dolls themselves so you identify the subject through association. However at times I felt as though I needed to use the dolls to my advantage and help create the association for the viewer to identify.

The majority of my scene surroundings were created. Objects and figures were paper cut outs and from magazines. However, I also used craft skills making items such as: Madonna’s cone boobs, Shia Labeouf’s paper bag and bow tie and Robin Thicke’s vest. Existing items were also used to help identify the subject, such as: Bacon for Lady Gaga’s dress, Polystyrene ball and chain necklace for the wrecking ball, and balloons for Nicki’s best feature. With the dolls, I tried to include subtle features to compliment the surroundings and provide the viewer with the association to identify the subject.

The dolls in particular were the most difficult part of this photo shoot. This is because they were attached to fishing wire to create the illusion that they are standing up, and often lost balance. But, overall, had a lot of fun, and am very happy with the outcome. It is obviously something I haven’t done before, so it was interesting. I think I have succeeding in it looking playful, yet disturbing, humorous, and professional.