Experimentation | Provocative Photo Shoot

Inspired by the works from the “Stereo Graphics” book, I decided to try a photo shoot of my own. From looking at the sex tips article in the magazines, I had set my mind on using a Barbie and Ken doll as the subjects within my photo shoot. This is because they come across playfully but at the same time a little disturbing as we associate the dolls as a toy for a child.

I began by re-creating the sex tips article images by buying a couple of dolls at Huddersfield open market. It was important to me that I reached the controversial style in which I have been researching, therefore situated the dolls provocative positions. It was also important to me that my photography would provoke humour as this is another theme in which I have been exploring. Fortunately, I feel that the sexual association helped to do this. The small shoot was taken in my room. I used strips of paper and stuck them down to my wall and desk to create a backdrop.

I knew the photos would not look the best being taken in my room due to the small space and lighting, therefore had intended on repeating the process in another location. The shoot was more experimental than anything. It helped me become familiar with the required settings on my camera, such as the White balance. Although I don’t think the photos are bad, they are not conceptual enough, nor professional in appearance for what I wanted.