Friday Seminar | Darren Raven

This mornings lecture was focussed on Theme Mapping, however we began with a quick recap of our previous seminars. This involved Theory note taking and journal entry making. Our seminars have been targeted mainly at the theory in our course in preparation for our 2500 word essay. In today’s seminar it was no different. We were instructed to form into groups and discuss themes, topics and theories that have come through our lectures so far. Then we were to put this information into a visual map.


After creating our maps, we analysed each other ideas and were instructed to select one subject. From selecting a subject, we had to think about interesting possibilities which could be used in the essay.  I chose the subject Iconology, however I did an essay on it last year, therefore I would prefer to do something different.

Lastly, Darren provided us with a link, so that in our own time we can complete a questionnaire giving him feedback on our chosen subject and thoughts.