Creative Industries Workshop

Creative industries

This morning’s workshop was with tutor Darren Raven and proceeding with Tracy’s Personal Development Plan and Work Placement Workshop. Rather than sat down listening, we were told that the session would be more interactive. We began by getting into groups of 3-5 whilst Darren was briefing us. The first task we had to do, was to create a visual map of ideas exploring what we know of creative industries. As it was called “creative” it was not to be focused on just graphic design as that limits you. We explored all types of job roles and fields that you can branch into, such as Market researching or Web design. We also include some well known creative inspired places such as New York City, Berlin and Barcelona.

After finishing task 1, we moved on to looking at websites offering jobs and internships. The reason for this is so we become familiar with the terminology and when we decide to look for a career we are aware of what is on offer. This was useful because I had never heard of some of the used titles, such as “Mid-weight designer” or “full stack developer”. There are lots of jobs available in the creative industry, but there would similarities  in requirements. Most needed good knowledge of the Adobe Suite, communication skills and a creative flare. Looking at the multiple jobs got me excited as there was so much on offer, however it made me realise that before applying you have to make sure you are happy with your choice and if the job role is right for you. The main websites we looked at were:

After looking at the jobs board, as a group we had to discuss whether or not we could do the jobs on offer. If we could, what made us qualified? If we couldn’t, what do we need to improve on in order to get the job?

Our final task was a bit odd. Darren gave us the scenario of the world in 2060 and asked us to think what effects might it have undertaken over the years; such as Global Warming, Oil peak, rise in technology etc. He wanted us to create a visual and three ideas of what the world could be like, but most importantly how it would effect design and the creative industry. Darren also pointed out that he wanted us to use our imagination and this mini project could be developed in our own time to create work for our portfolios. Using our imagination. My group and I decided that in 2060 there will have been a high rise in technology in which there will be robots, holograms and simulators. I was influenced by the Matt Damon film Elysium, in which the privileged live luxuriously in space whilst the rest live on a corrupt and dying Earth.

Our sketch was inspired by War’s propaganda poster “We want you”.

Using this influence, we drew a robot pointing to the viewer saying “we do not want you”. This was intended to aim to designers as in 2060 I don’t think that we would need designers in life. I think that everything will be customized and adaptable using presets; making everyone their own designer. However, somebody would need to make the presets and everybody would need a basic knowledge of design,therefore it could be that in 2060 the education ensure children are provided with this knowledge.

I thought this workshop began interesting and useful but towards the end I didn’t really see much point in it, and didn’t think this idea wouldn’t stronger enough to pursue for my portfolio.