Design Humour and Stereo Graphics

Proceeding with my research, I wanted to now focus on humour, therefore rented out “Design Humour” by Steven Heller. At this stage, I really wanted to be thinking about my output and final piece intentions, therefore hoped that this book would give me some inspiration. However, the book was far more theoretical than practise and showed little amount of humour in design.

Whilst in the library I discovered a book called “Stereo Graphics” . The book has nothing to do with celebrity culture, provocative design or design humour, so there is no reason that I would have searched for it. However, I am very pleased that I came across it. The book explores graphics in different dimensions and provides the viewer with multiple examples of creative, expressive and innovative design.
The images I have included are some examples of visual communication that caught my eye. The first is a photography project composing 3D illustrations in real space with a range of media. This project is titled “Um Was Es Nicht Geht” by Pixelgarten, who are currently working on their new website. If you would like to visit the old one, click here



The second example is from Kate Nash’s “Made of Bricks” album. It uses doll house sets and rooms created to look like Kate Nash’s home.

Kate Nash

Kate Nash

The third example is called a “Decade of Design” by Bela Borsodi. This involves symbolic designs to feature 10 symbolic events over the decade.

Stereo graphics3

The last example is by Sweden Graphics for “V” Magazine and is an image for an outdoor advertisement on bus stops. The cut outs are from old versions of their magazine.

Stereo graphics4

This book really inspired me to the possibilities of stretching the designer’s medium of representation.