Provocative Graphics | Stefan Sagmeister

The Provocative Graphics book got me thinking about pushing boundaries and led to my next research. Although I am familiar with Stefan Sagmeister I couldn’t think of anyone that pushes boundaries like him. Sagmeister is among today’s most important designers combining typography with imagery in striking, ambitious, innovative and occasionally unsettling ways.

Sagmeister is known for his innovative and perhaps unusual design work, which people have found controversial. This often centres on nudity and sexual themes, for example when announcing Sagmeister Inc. he created a postcard of himself naked . This was also re-created when partnership with Jessica Walsh occurred. He has also taken his nudity to another extreme by etching type into his skin. His work can be controversial, but it is backed up with concept, and a good sense of humour, for example his personal “The Happy Show” project.

Sagmeister links with the extremity themes created in my mind map. Just as people can reach extremes to become famous, or celebrities go to the extreme to stay famous, Sagmeister has done some extreme and controversial things which may have helped him achieve widespread renown. Nevertheless he will always be one of my favourite designers, and I admire his work. I like his use of striking visuals, wit and humour. I hope to include this in my own.