Provocative Graphics

When I was generating ideas at the beginning of the project, I knew that at some point I intended on researching and exploring themes of extremity. This led from my article about Jasmine Tridevil who claims to have had £12,000 surgery for her breast implants, including a third breast- for the main aspiration of becoming famous and having her own MTV reality show. After experimenting with Satire and researching Dawn Mellor’s disturbing visuals, I decided that now would a good place to start.

I began with the book “Provocative Graphics” by Laurel Harper and the power of the unexpected. The book examines graphic design that challenges the norm and the consumer, pushing boundaries in bold, playful and thought-provoking ways. I picked out a few examples which I thought reflected well on the book.  The first example is James Victore’s “use a condom” series by portraying nature’s most prolific fornicators.

Provocative graphics3

The second example is designed by Pyro Brand Development and is strangely a poster for Dr. Marten Shoes portraying a standard man’s necktie becoming an ominous symbol of conformity. This is interesting, because the simplicity of the image leads you to an automatic association.

Provocative graphics1

The third example I chose is designed by Max Kisman whose image was rejected by Wired magazine created for an article about using graphic icons to replace words. I like this idea of provocative design; creating an image that is striking to lure the viewer in, but conceptual with purpose and meaning.

Provocative graphics2