Provocative Graphics | Position of the week…

When experimenting with Kalen Holloman, I came across these images in the magazines. Each image was for an article providing the reader with sex tips. The dolls act as a demonstration. At the time, I thought nothing of them, however, since researching provocative graphics I decided to include them.

Although used for sex tips, the images are quite effective as they are provoking and entertaining. There is nothing that should actually be controversial about them because at the end of the day they consist of two dolls situated in certain angles and positions- nothing more. We as the viewer associate it with sex, which in this case is exactly the purpose.

If I child was to look at these images, they would probably think nothing of it. I find the thought interesting how different audiences interpret visual communication and how the age can effect what the think of the image. The magazines are mainly aimed at female teenagers and young adults, therefore the images used are appropriate.