Experimentation | Satire Illustrations

Inspired by Gerald Scarfe’ and Caricature, I created my own illustrations. Doing this required choosing a topic or subject to focus on. It was important that I chose something which can be ridiculed and preferably linked to my theme of Celebrity Culture which, like caricature, also includes themes of exaggeration.I decided there was potential with my chosen article regarding the three breasted woman Jasmine- therefore went back to the beginning stages of my project. The article can be found here.

For my first experiment I sketched Jasmine promoting her aspired reality show “Jasmine’s Jugs”. Through her YouTube channel, I found out that this is what she would call her show if MTV aired it. It was important my drawings looked caricature or cartoon like so it would seem playful but more importantly humorous. The meaning behind my illustration is ridiculing Jasmine and her publicity stunts to become a famous reality star.


Through her YouTube Videos, I realised that Jasmine is an intriguing and complex character. One video was titled “Rape should be legal” . She also claimed to use men until they fall in love with her then break their heart. Jasmine backs up her opinions with strange logic, giving me the impression that she is a bit confused in life. This led to my second experiment. My illustration mocks Jasmine’s goals inspirations and her controversial ways of seeking attention.