Pop Art: Roy Lichtenstein

Moving on from pop culture, I wanted to focus now only on pop art, therefore rented out a couple of books from the library. In the book, “Pop Art” by Klaus Honnef, I first came across the name Roy Lichtenstein, which I now realise is quite surprising due to how well known he is in his field. Lichtenstein was a painter, sculptor, printmaker and decorative artist. His paintings were based on the motifs and procedures of comic strips and advertisements.

Book edited

Lichtenstein was one of the first American Pop artists to achieve widespread renown. When he created his comic strip inspired paintings he was first accused of lack of originality and copying. However, over years his iconic images have become synonymous with Pop art. Lichtenstein’s inspirations came from the culture at large and suggested little of the artist’s individual feelings, which I find rather interesting.


I have always been familiar with this style of pop art; but never known a name to put into place for it. I think Lichtenstein’s paintings our perfectly made to represent popular culture. His work looks like a combination of vintage and modern, influenced by comic strips which people have grown up with as a child, teenager or young adult.