Experimentation: Celebrity Portraits

In today’s society, Andy Warhol would have embraced Pop Culture and his collection of Celebrity portraits would have vastly grown. I like his use of celebrity figures within his work. When viewing his portraits, you tend to get an idea of when they could have been created due to the subject he has used. For example Monroe was most infamous in the 1950’s and early 60’s.

I decided that I too would create celebrity portraits. Rather than choosing subjects to illustrate; I decided to look back to my Celebrity Culture Survey. Using the Survey I focused on the question “Do you idolize anybody, If so who and why?” Just under half of the responses answered with “Nobody”. But the other percentage chose figures, however not all were Celebrities. Some people chose figures within their field, or even members of the family. I decided to choose four figures as I wanted to show the versatility between the choices.

It was important that the figures I chose would show some portrayal of the type of society we live in. The Celebrity I began with was Emma Watson who was actually chosen by 2 people. Although young, Emma is very influential in our society. Young adults have grown up with Emma being Hermione Granger and she is seen as a good role model. Again, chosen by 2 people was Johnny Depp. I found this surprising because I haven’t much of him for a couple of years so it was interesting to see that he is still an idol to many people.

The third person chosen was Nicki Minaj. Although I used her in my earlier experimentation, I wanted to include her within this as she is currently very fresh and popular in society, mainly due to her new and controversial song “Anaconda”. Nicki has a range of audiences but is most popular with a younger crowd and commonly females. She is also seen as a role model, however many older people would disagree. I found it interesting to look at different ages reactions to her song “Anaconda” on YouTube.

Nicki Minaj Black and White

Teens Reaction

Elders Reaction

My last subject is the American footballer player Ray Lewis. This one was interesting because I had absolutely no idea who he was as I don’t follow American football; so this one in particular shows the subject as quite a personal idol. Ray Lewis is very within within his profession and a key figure in American football. To create my illustration portraits I used found images off the internet as a sort of template and worked from scratch around them creating a drawn black outline.

Ray Lewis Black and white