Andy Warhol and Pop Culture

I began my Pop culture research with whom I consider to be the king of pop art, Andy Warhol. Pop artists seized on the culture of celebrity worship, portraying cultural icons from a range of media. They embraced and sometimes critiqued this media saturated culture employing celebrity figures and the tabloid stories surrounding them- as sources of imagery and changing culture.

Warhol’s interest in fame, celebrity and media culture prompted him to re-examine mundane everyday objects and approach them on an artistic scale to that of the Hollywood stars and political figures that were generally accepted as worthy of great art. In the early 60’s he began to experiment with reproductions based on advertisements, newspaper headlines and other mass-produced images from American popular culture, such as Coca Cola. In 1962 he began his series of portraits, starting with the iconic Marilyn Monroe.

Warhol loved the idea of celebrity culture, and in a way predicted the outbreak of celebrity obsession which we are experiencing now. He also used to say that every person should experience at least 15 minutes of fame. I like this thought, and is truly supports my concept of the “inner celebrity”.

“The Papa of pop culture likely would have embraced Instagram, Facebook and the Kardashians and- who knows- even Honey Boo Boo.”

-Dina Gachman, Writer, 2013