Friday Seminar: Darren Raven

In this mornings seminar we focussed on Journal entry making. After reflecting on our previous seminar, Darren introduced us to the process of PEE- Point, Evidence and Explain. Then we were set the first task, which was to write down a list about what you enjoy when journal entries and blogging. My list consist of:

  • Using a blog as a Diary helping me to know what I am up to.
  • Can feel productive procrastinating
  • Discover other work by blogs- can be beneficial
  • Can blog at anywhere and at anytime
  • Nice way to make your work personal

What I dislike about blogging:

  • Time consuming
  • Keeping up to date with it

As you can see there is more to blogging that I like, rather than dislike. I find that by blogging, in the long run it helps me.

For our second task, Darren showed us a Japanese music video: Krary Pamyu Pamyu. He wanted us to pay attention to the video and make a note of the things we find interesting about it.

I found the music video interesting because it gave an insight to the playfulness of Japanese culture. The video reminded me of british kids TV show Lazytown, but including anime. There were also themes of death which were then covered up with this playfulness which again was interesting. It is interesting to see this kind of pop video and compare it against british pop. I think this idea is interesting. At the moment in the conversation brief I am exploring pop culture, but could perhaps look into pop culture from different global perspectives.