E4 Sting Workshop: Refined Illustration

After my experimentation, I was fairly certain that I preferred the white outline version of my illustration. However when asking my peers they chose my original black outline version. This caused me to rethink which I think is best. Although I like the original, I feel that the black outline comes across a little too “cartoony”. I liked how the white outlined version looked more slick and professional, however I don’t think it would look as good for a poster. Therefore I decided to refine my original black outlined illustration and find a medium in which it looks “cartoony” more professional and slick.

Refined Logo 3

Instead of having a black outline, I chose a darker shade of the purple colours, although this makes the image less sharp, I prefer the smooth appearance as it look professional and slick. I also decided to create a darker shade of white instead of the bright original. I have still not yet decided which colour I prefer. However I was told today that being two different colours it looks like a male and female and that they make a cute couple.